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Managing your money with Lynn Macneill

Trusted Contact Person – an important layer of protection for your wealth

When you book a flight, join a gym, or start a new job, they usually ask for an emergency contact person. Generally, this is in case of a medical emergency, so they will know who to contact on your behalf. In the financial industry we also use ‘emergency contacts’ – however, they are known as a Trusted Contact Person (TCP). While it may not be a life-or-death situation, it is an added layer to protect your wealth. 


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The right portfolio is like finding the right pet

The Montrealer, September 2022

It’s during the bad times we can gain true insight into assessing if the portfolio is a good match and thereby reducing investment stress and anxiety. One of Canada’s major financial institutions advertise their “sleep-at-night portfolios”. It’s not the actual portfolio that will help you sleep at night - it is finding the right match for you. 


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How portfolio innovation can protect your wealth

The Montrealer, August 2022

It’s no secret that institutional managers are the “smart money” investors that lead the trends in investment management. That’s why retail investors (i.e. most people) should look to these institutional managers (money managers, pension funds, etc.) for investment guidance. The fact is, most retail investors have remained entrenched in portfolios consisting of only public market securities, while institutional investors have adapted to the changing economic and financial landscape over the past decade or two.


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Markets are down – don’t miss these golden opportunities

The Montrealer, July 2022.

The most obvious opportunity when the markets are down takes a certain degree of intestinal fortitude: investing while markets are “on sale”. Generally, buying a broad index ETF is a simple solution if you’re not sure what to buy. When toilet paper goes on sale, many people stock up (especially after the PTSD we have from seeing empty shelves during the pandemic); but when the markets “go on sale”, some people run the other way in fear, instead of seizing the opportunity. The very wise Warren Buffett says that investors should “be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.”


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Panic Selling!

The Montrealer, June 2022

If you have watched your recent investment statements with a sinking heart, I want you to know that I understand. I understand the feelings of fear and frustration that some people are experiencing when they look at their investment portfolios during these past months. If you have savings or investments, whether it be bonds, stocks, or cash, you have watched the value of your account decrease.

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Hopefully you’ve updated your wardrobe, it’s probably time to update your portfolio too!

The Montrealer, May 2022

Did you know that despite Canada’s relatively small population, it’s home to TWO of the world’s largest pension funds – the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), and the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ)? Together, their value is approaching $1 trillion dollars! If you ever worked in Quebec and/or Canada, you’ve likely got money invested in one of these plans.

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Have you ever considered the “What ifs…..?”

The Montrealer, April 2022

You’ve worked hard, saved diligently, and imagined a retirement of leisure – maybe on the golf course or sailing the high seas. Maybe you’re already there or maybe you can see the target in sight. But “what if…?”  What if inflation remains high?  What if markets drop?  What if interest rates skyrocket? What if your spouse dies? What if you divorce? What if…?

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First Covid. Now War. How much can the economy handle?

The Montrealer, March 2022

Without a doubt, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, has war on everyone’s mind. The human toll, the destruction of families and communities. The stress and anxiety. The effects of which will include long-term physical and psychological harm to children and adults. Not only in Ukraine, but possibly all over the world. 

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After a rattling start to 2022 – what’s ahead?

The Montrealer, February 2022

Have you ever driven from Ontario into Quebec and without noticing the signs you know without a doubt that you’ve entered Quebec? It goes from a smooth comfortable ride to a rattling from head-to-toe. This is how the markets have transitioned from a smooth 2021 to a bumpy start in 2022.

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Forget New Year’s Resolutions – try New Year’s Commitments

The Montrealer, January 2022

It’s hard to think about the New Year without thinking about New Year’s Resolutions!  And there is something to be said about the “fresh start effect” – starting a new goal at the beginning of a week, month, season, or in this case the beginning of a new year. According to research it is a good time to start something new or reset.  So why is it that most people fail so miserably at New Year’s resolutions?

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