Ephtimios MacNeil Wealth Management

Bringing together your wealth, your family, your legacy.

As a husband-and-wife team, we understand the importance of meaningful connections. As wealth advisors and financial planners, we’ve spent nearly 30 years building meaningful connections with the business owners, physicians and lawyers, professional women, and successful families we advise. It’s what drives success. It’s what drives us. 

We’re your confidant through the moments where life and livelihood intersect, delivering thoughtful insight with trust and sincerity. We simplify the complex and empower you to focus on living your life while we work with your outside counsel and Richardson Wealth’s in-house team of tax, insurance, and estate planning professionals to find solutions to every aspect of your finances and investment portfolio. 

We strive to educate. Education and transparency are built into our wealth and investment planning process. We want you to understand how your wealth works and feel confident in your wealth plan.

We see the overlooked. Wealth planning is a continuous process. Every client we’ve worked with over the past nearly 30 years has helped to refine our approach and helped us design a comprehensive wealth plan checklist that leaves no element overlooked. We evolve together throughout the process.

We understand you. We tap into your financial mindset and look for the behaviors and experiences that drive you. Relationships are everything to us and we look for clients that align with our values.

We’re Ephtimios MacNeil Wealth Management: Bringing together your wealth, your family, your legacy.

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