Navigating Credit Card Rewards During COVID-19 Times and Beyond

The pandemic has impacted people's financial lives in ways both large and small.  Read more

Stress Test Lessons for All of Us

In many ways, the Super Rich—those people with a net worth of $500 million or more—are at the vanguard of wealth management, with tremendous access to expertise. Consequently, learning from the actions and orientations of the Super Rich can prove quite useful for affluent individuals and families who haven’t reached the level of the Super Rich.  Read more

"We, the Family":  The Benefits of a Family Constitution

Wealth and family can be a tricky mix. Affluence can help families achieve great things and realize their shared vision, of course. But it also can create resentments and rifts that could potentially damage a family’s financial position and cause estrangement among family members.  Read more

The Power of Purpose in Reaching Audacious Goals

We find that people who have reached the highest levels of success and built truly significant wealth tend to share a number of key traits that are responsible for their amazing results.  Read more

The Many Benefits of Building a Family Brand

Nearly every company we can think of has a brand that communicates its culture and mission.  But chances are, most of us have never considered what our family's culture is all about - what we and our closest loved ones stand for as a unit.  Read more

Boost Your Efficiency and Effectiveness - at Work, at Home and in the World

Each day, we have limited amounts of time and energy to do what needs to be done while also trying to cultivate meaningful lives.  Is it any wonder so many of us feel stressed?  Read more

Five Reasons to Make Philanthropy a Family Affair

A growing number of successful people have a strong urge to "pay it forward" by financially supporting causes and organizations that are near and dear to their hearts.  Read more

Choosing an Executor for Your Estate

Here's an uncomfortable truth you need to accept:  Someday, hopefully in the very distant future, you are going to die.  Read more

Buy Experiences, Not Stuff.  Here's Why.

When we spend money, we are doing more than simply buying things.  We want to create feelings of happiness, satisfaction and well-being.  Read more

Preparing Heirs for Their Inheritance

Inheriting money comes with plenty of benefits.  Read more

The Importance of Stress Testing Your Wealth Strategies

When making decisions about your money, it can be smart to know the steps that extremely affluent individuals and families take to grow and protect their significant wealth.  Read more

Reclaim Your Time

The "work first, life second" mantra guides far too many of us these days - from driven entrepreneurs to ladder-climbing professionals to over committed parents.  Read more

Meditation:  Successful Leaders Do It and Here's Why You Should Too

One of the best strategies to overcome uncertainty and fear.  Read more 

The Importance of Family Governance

The old saying "Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations" means family wealth that's built by the first generation is eroded or even destroyed by the third generation, which squanders the assets it inherits through reckless spending, poor investment decisions and other mistakes.  Read more


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