The name on the door

Richardson Wealth is the leading independent investment firm in Canada. We offer the personal touch of a boutique firm while delivering big results. We take the time to understand your unique situation so we can start to create a plan tailored specifically to you that brings your vision of the future to life.





Our commitment to our clients


Personalized experience

At Richardson Wealth, we believe in going beyond the numbers and building relationships on a first-name basis. When we meet with clients, we start by listening to their unique stories, goals, and challenges. By understanding our client’s needs, we can develop a personalized strategy and assemble a team of experts to help them achieve their specific goals.


Limitless opportunities

We believe in offering our clients limitless opportunities when it comes to investment options. We search far and wide for the products best suited to their requirements, without any restrictions to the types of investments we can look for. This includes creating our own unique funds and other options to fill marketplace gaps, as well as looking for off-market opportunities when appropriate.


Advice tailored to your goals

Our commitment to providing the best advice in our client’s best interests is unwavering. As we are not part of a huge institution with competing agendas and specific products to sell, we have the freedom to offer independent advice without any restrictions. Our client’s success is our one and only focus, allowing us to concentrate our efforts on helping them create, protect, and pass on their wealth to future generations.


Continuous improvement

We are always aiming higher, constantly searching for ways to improve and offer more to our clients. Our approach is based on independent long-term thinking, a wide range of investment choices, strategic leadership, innovation, accountability, security, and reduced risk. At Richardson Wealth, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their financial goals and secure their financial futures.


A rich 165-year history

Our history is what makes us unique. The Richardson family business has been a cornerstone of commerce in this country for 164 years, including a rich, 90-year history in financial services. Our legacy of entrepreneurial spirit, vision, long-term stability, and commitment are powerful draws for advisors and their clients.

Not so long ago, every investment firm in Canada was branded with the last name of the founder(s) or major shareholder(s): Wood Gundy, Nesbitt Burns, Macleod Young Weir – not to mention Richardson Greenshields.

These were some of the big players for most of the 20th century. The founders were pillars of the community. Their names were a powerful draw for wealthy families and advisors alike.

As the century turned, these founders and these firms were all gone. Their brands slowly disappeared in favor of corporate names: CIBC, BMO, Scotia, and RBC. With the loss of these brands, gone also was the connection with the founders, the partners, and the independent boutique culture.

Richardson Wealth extracts the best from our storied corporate past, when the name on the door meant something, and represents a forward-thinking approach to wealth planning. We are honoured to serve as our client’s trusted financial advisor and to work diligently to ensure your family’s long-term financial success.

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