Enriching the quality of your family’s life

That is what we do. We help you, our client family, improve your quality of life by helping you navigate complex financial, business and family matters. What makes us different? It’s our innovative planning process. Friesen Capital Management developed a flexible, comprehensive and cost-effective planning process derived from a successful approach used in the single and multi-family office world.

We begin by developing a “total family profile” of you. This allows us to gain a deep understanding of both the financial and emotional side of your world. Once we have a truly holistic grasp of all that is important to you and your family, we can evaluate your current course of action to determine alignment with your goals and objectives.

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Market research


Get the latest market insights and trends from our internal research experts.


17 January 2022
What is wrong with gold
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10 January 2022
How does a bull run end?
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January 2022
Reminiscing about 2021, and looking to 2022: Not your typical year, not your typical market
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Tax & Estate Planning


Learn about strategies to help protect and enhance your wealth from our Tax & Estate Planning professionals.

2021 year-end tax planning checklist

Effective wealth planning takes place throughout the year. However, you can take some key steps before the end of the year and early in the new year from a tax-planning perspective that can make a positive impact on your overall finances.

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