Expect more choice and accountability

You have heard about the importance of diversification. But when it comes to looking for potential investment opportunities, not many cast as wide a net as we do.

Of course, we offer the traditional solutions you would expect, but for us, that is our starting point, not all there is. Our independence apart from a large bank, trust or credit union provides us many advantages. One of the most significant being that we are not obliged or incentivized to recommend our own products.

Our dedicated and experienced investment team looks beyond the traditional for options that can best meet your individual needs. If appropriate, a thoughtful investment program designed to meet your specific goals and to accommodate varying degrees of risk and controls, will create a managed portfolio well-positioned to adjust to the gyrations of market cycles.

We believe that investment choices should not be limited.

When the opportunity is right, we partner with experts to create innovative funds, like the two mentioned below. Both are inspired by current thinking and are designed to address some of the challenges faced by investors:

The Purpose Behavioural Opportunities Fund — the first of its kind in Canada — leverages new research in the exciting field of behavioural finance and is designed specifically to identify the emotional mistakes even the savviest among us can make.

Reacting quickly to the ups and downs of the market can also prove challenging for investors, and that is where the Purpose Tactical Asset Allocation Fund comes in. It can complement your more long-term strategic investments, becoming more equity weighted in good markets and tilting more towards bonds in troubled markets. 

Learn about the other mandates available that are managed by the Connected Wealth team, Richardson Wealth’s asset management service. 

How else are we different?

Richardson Wealth Investment Advisors have skin in the game, they are personally invested as partners in the firm — highly unusual in our industry — and that means they are also invested in your success.

That means their success depends on your success. This goes hand-in-hand with providing clarity and transparency — whether it is giving you access to portfolio managers, being open about investment performance, providing due diligence reports and portfolio attributions, sharing our trading rationales, market insights and analysis, and more.

It also means we think, and conduct ourselves, like entrepreneurs, not like employees with no vested interest. We have a vested interest: You.



Wealth advice

We understand what it takes to help investors grow their wealth and meet specific goals at each life stage. 

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Advanced planning

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