Here is where we like to start

What life stage are you at right now? Where do you see yourself in five years, 10 years, 25 years and onward? What is most important is what matters most to you and your family.

Not just today, but for your future, because life is fluid. This is necessary critical thinking you should do as it is integral to the strategies and plans we create for you, the advice we offer you and the recommendations and portfolio we build and manage for you.

That is why what matters to you, also matters to us.

My NextGen Plan: plotting your future

Visualizing your future is less about wishing and hoping something positive will happen. My NextGen Plan, which is future-oriented but grounded in reality, will show you clearly what’s possible.

Your business

Do you have a succession plan in place or are you concerned about your exit strategy or monetizing your business? Your business succession should be as successful as you were in building it. 

Your legacy

Will your legacy include charitable giving and giving back to communities and philanthropic endeavours that are important to you and your family?

Aging parents

Do you have aging parents and are all their affairs in order? How are their changing needs being met and how does this affect you? Are you prepared for the emotional, legal, logistical and financial implications of their increasing age?

Your health

And what about you? Have you thought about what might happen if you live well into your eighties and even beyond?

Where would you live, where would you be most comfortable? What kind of help might you need? What are all the options and associated costs? What about end of life care and wishes? Have you shared yours with your family? Have you taken care of all the legalities involved?

Are you using insurance to your full advantage? Not just so that you’re covered in case of illness or job loss — the usual “what-ifs” — but as a way to replace any capital you may need to take from your estate. Are you employing every strategy to ensure the bulk of your estate goes to your heirs?

Suddenly single

Are you newly divorced or widowed and suddenly find yourself in unfamiliar territory — alone and dealing with loss, grief, stress and possibly confusion and uncertainty? What if you weren’t part of the conversation or chose not to be? What if you end up with an Advisor who doesn’t really listen to you and spends more time talking than listening?


Wealth advice

We understand what it takes to help investors grow their wealth and meet specific goals at each life stage. 

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When it comes to looking for potential investment opportunities, not many cast as wide a net as we do.

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Advanced planning

Whether you’re looking for greater diversification or you’re considering a more fulsome approach to wealth management, these advanced strategies may be right for you.

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