No easy solutions. No secret shortcuts.

In a world where most people look for the quick fix, taking the long view offers a huge advantage. It’s a simpler way to win. Simpler but not easier.

The long view requires repeatedly doing hard things today that make tomorrow’s success more certain. People disdain the long view because they’re in a hurry. They lack patience.

That acknowledged, the occasional need for urgency and speed is a reality we recognise. It’s the fuel driving the world of small business and entrepreneurship, areas in which we excel.

But even the necessary quick fix needs to be underpinned by a sense of purpose. We’re familiar with the law of unintended consequences but prefer it doesn’t impact our clients.

Everyone wants to win. We get that.

But winning the moment and winning the decade are different things. Successful people take the long view. That’s why they win in the end.

The long view doesn’t attract a lot of attention. In the context of a game, the long view looks boring.

The tiny advantages the long view delivers don’t get noticed until victory becomes too obvious to ignore. They accrue.

Wealth accumulation is too serious for short-term thinking. It takes time to become an overnight success.


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