Integrated Investment Management and Financial Planning for Business Owners.

Cudmore Ross Wealth Management is one of the leading advisory teams in Canada, located in Prince Edward Island.

We have worked with successful business owners across Canada for decades. We know how much focus it takes to run a business.

That can leave little time to manage the results of your success. Things like investments, RRSPs, TFSAs, Holding companies, insurance, and so on.

Our job is to understand your goals, to develop thoughtful financial plans to minimize tax with your investments, and to work with your legal and tax advisors so your financial world is perfectly integrated and coordinated. So you can focus on the business.

Because the financial world we live in is becoming increasingly complex, we are a multidisciplinary team backed by some of the best administrative professionals in the business.

Stephen Cudmore is a Certified Financial Planner and Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA). The FEA is the leading Family Business Advisory designation in Canada. Stephen's role is to understand your family goals and complexities, to create a roadmap to enable you to see into the future clearly, and to develop a written plan to coordinate and simplify your investment, insurance, business and personal financial assets.

Recognizing tax plays such a significant role in your life, Stephen works closely with our own CPA, Garth Doiron in developing these plans, finding tax savings opportunities and integrating our work with your own CPA so when you are not running the business, you can do the things in life that your success enables you to do.

Developing plans to achieve your goals is at the core of what we do. Ultimately, we need to deliver the investment results to drive these plans.

Jonathan Ross is our investment expert on the ground on PEI. He works closely with our investment team in Toronto in executing our dynamic asset allocation decision making framework designed to protect your capital and drive these results.

Jonathan is also our Accredited Investment product expert.  Accredited investments are used extensively by Ultra High Net Worth families and large institutions such as pension funds, large endowment funds and Sovereign investment funds. Click here to learn why.

Because we are a firm specialized in meeting the needs of higher net worth families, we have a unique specialization in this area of the market.

Due to industry regulations, accredited investments are only available to clients with over 1 million in investable assets.

It is for this reason, and due to the level of overall service we provide the families we work with, we restrict our services to clients with investment portfolios over 1 million dollars.

Ultimately, our team creates thoughtful financial plans based on your goals, and executes proven, disciplined investment strategies utilizing both public and private markets in order to reduce risk, save tax and enhance returns.

Due to the tax deductibility and tax effectiveness of many of the products we have access to, this level of service, performance and planning is often available at similar or less cost to you than dealing with your local bank or Credit Union.

Conversations on wealth: Podcast

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Conversations on Wealth is a podcast series dedicated to helping Canadians navigate the complexities of wealth through a multi-dimensional approach to planning and wealth management.

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