Planning for Retirement

Do You Have a Plan?

Having a personalized plan in place is the most important step in preparing for retirement and building a proper plan involves more than just saving through your years of employment. Using our firm’s software, MyNextGen Plan, we will build your personalized retirement plan together and customize it so you know exactly where your investments, savings and financial health will take you.

To begin building a personalized retirement plan, we will ask for the following information from you and your spouse (if applicable):

1.CPP and OAS numbers 

2.Statements from your pension, group retirement and for any other non-registered investments

3.Your personalized budget and spending list

  • on a monthly or yearly basis

4.Your net worth information

5.An understanding of your near and far financial goals such as:

  • family vacations
  • supporting a child’s/grand child’s wedding
  • new vehicle
  • selling a family home

A few other items you must also consider in preparation for your retirement are:


  • Do you have insurance? Do you have enough protection?

Other expenses

  • Healthcare expenses, both expected and unexpected 
  • Homecare/condo costs

Taxes in Retirement

  • Registered vs. non-registered investments
  • OAS clawback


  • Planned giving to children other family members
  • Public Legacies; charity donations 


Your retirement plan is not stagnant. Life plans and goals can change and therefore, we will ask for updated pension and CPP numbers from you every few years to keep your retirement plan as accurate as possible. We have step-by-step instructions on how to retrieve these numbers and will help you through it.

Additionally, anytime there is a major life change i.e., wedding, illness, house purchase/sale, death/inheritance, we will make necessary changes to the plan to more accurately reflect you and your future.

Our "Critical 10 Guidebook" emphasizes these above points in further details by discussing the most important details to consider 5 years prior to your retirement and the 5 years immediately after your retirement.

To receive a copy of our Guidebook and to take the next step in ensuring you have a proper plan in place, contact us.