Insurance Planning

Your financial plan may include incorporating insurance. In the event of your death, life insurance can provide income to your spouse/dependents and can also fund your estate, corporate and personal tax, as well as other liabilities.

With our in-house insurance consultant, we will ensure your insurance needs are taken care of with many solutions available from several insurance carriers.

Benji is insurance licensed, which means he will be your agent of record for your policy and the main point of contact for all of your insurance solutions and questions!

If you already have insurance in place but would like to change the agent to Benji, this can also be arranged for you.

See below our team's visual snapshot of the new insurance application process:


Insurance process. Full text below image.

  1. Receive quotes from different carriers to see what is best for you/your family

  2. Life Design analysis presented
    Policy selected

  3. Telephone interviews conducted with insurance company

  4. At-home medical exam may be required. Receive our ‘Medical Checklist’ to help appointment go smoothly

  5. Application approved and signed
    Monthly/annual premiums are scheduled/paid