The Essential Investment Jungle Navigation Guide

Book coverIn 2021, with another year of being stuck at home during the covid pandemic, Michael took on the challenge of writing a book he’d been mulling over for years — aimed at helping our clients and others understand investing. 

After writing the first hundred pages, Michael slowly accepted the fact that very few people have the time, or the inclination, to read a book about investing.  With this in mind, he hired a designer and illustrator to adapt the core ideas and text into a short, illustrated, 20 page board book called The Essential Investment Jungle Navigation Guide. It takes 20-30 minutes to read the whole book cover-to-cover. 

Survival checklistUnique among investment books: simple… concise… and a fun and easy way to remember some of the core principles around creating and evolving a successful investment adventure. Accompanied with beautiful jungle-themed illustrations, thick pages and a foldout map & checklist, this short, quick, and inspiring read will appeal to all ages and types of investors and decision makers.

With close to two decades of experience as an investor, investment advisor, and outdoor enthusiast, Mike has created a short book to highlight some of the most important concepts around creating a positive and successful investment experience.

The book has been designed as a desktop companion for better investment decision making. Using the analogy of investing as a jungle adventure, The Essential Investment Jungle Navigation Guide shares some insights, checklists, and visuals to better understand the investment landscape as well as some of the common risks and traps to manage and avoid. It also shares some great concepts on choosing and working with an investment guide.

The main benefits of the book include:

  • An illustrated map on the core principles and investments we use as Investors, Advisors and Portfolio Managers.
  • Checklists for readers to use as they navigate any complex or risky environment.
  • Ideas on cultivating a better relationship with anyone you work closely with; a guide, a business partners, a spouse.
  • Thoughts and insights into managing and contextualizing risk in any type of hazardous environment.
  • Hopefully a bit of inspiration to encourage people to get out into any type of jungle and have some fun and adventure.  

Pick up the book here.