Mountains and grain


Based both in Calgary and Canmore, we are very fortunate to be able to enjoy all that the mountain have to offer. Not only do the mountains inspire us, but they also anchor our approach in constantly improving how we engage in risky and rewarding environments.

Read, listen and watch our content; we are here to help you navigate the complexities of wealth and a wealthy life.


Book coverThe Essential Investment Jungle Navigation Guide by Mike Pickard and Erin Green

With close to two decades of experience as an investor, investment advisor, and outdoor enthusiast, Mike has created a short book to highlight some of the most important concepts around creating a positive and successful investment experience. 

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Navigating Complexity is an exploration of the principles around succeeding in complex environments. Complexity exists all around us; in relationships, in business, and definitely within ourselves and our behaviors. These discussions are meant to uncover and highlights insights from all kinds of people who are succeeding in their own particular complex domain.

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Some of our thoughts on navigating the complex world of investments and wealth.