Hickey Partners Private Counsel

Big picture thinking from your personal CFO. 

At Hickey Partners Private Counsel, our clients look to us for the big picture. A lot of the healthcare professionals and high-net-worth families we work with in Atlantic Canada are used to professional services like accounting, legal and insurance being siloed. That’s not the way we work. We provide financial planning, investment management and tax planning, acting as a single point of contact and coordinating with your outside counsel. You’re the CEO, and we’re your CFO; overseeing all manners of your wealth and making adjustments to your financial plan and investment portfolio as you move through life’s milestones.

We’re one of few teams in Atlantic Canada with the Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA) designation, committing us to the highest standards of experience and code of ethics in the industry. As part of Richardson Wealth, we have access to some of the country’s top tax and estate planning experts who can work with your outside counsel.

We’re experienced. We have an in-depth understanding surrounding the nuances of protecting and growing your wealth. We work extensively with our client base of high-net-worth families which includes physicians, dentists, veterinarians, business owners, and retirees.

We’re independent. As discretionary portfolio managers, we’re qualified to make investment decisions that align with your goals and values. With Richardson Wealth, we’re never pressured to offer a product or service, we offer unbiased advice that’s always in your best interest. This allows you to offload the stress and responsibility of managing your wealth and free up your time to focus on the things you value most in life.

We’re focused on education. We’re highly qualified and seek to demystify life’s biggest financial decisions and adjust your financial behaviour so you can be confident in your wealth and how it enables your lifestyle. 

With Hickey Partners Private Counsel you get big picture thinking from your personal CFO.

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