What we offer

Simplify your wealth

Simplifying your financial affairs is at the core of what we offer. We run a discretionary practice which means you don’t need to focus on individual securities in your portfolios or delve into complex issues surrounding investment management. We work with you to develop a comprehensive plan, one that:

  • Accounts for your short and long-term goals, your time horizon and your tolerance for risk

  • Optimizes your wealth and tax efficiency

  • Identifies key strategies for retirement planning

  • Allows for changes in financial and economic conditions, legislation, and your personal circumstances.

We recognize every client is unique — we know a young professional will have different ambitions than someone in the later stages of retirement — which is why we make it personal. We focus on designing a wealth plan that drives you towards your goals and guides your financial decisions so you can focus on living your life.


Beyond advice, we offer expertise

Our expertise is helping you navigate the risks and rewards of the markets and developing a comprehensive wealth plan. However, we’re not experts on everything, which is why we’ve taken the time to build the relationships needed to cover every aspect of your financial well-being.

Through Richardson Wealth, we have access to in-house Tax & Estate Planning professionals giving us the ability to address your estate, tax, philanthropy, insurance, business and succession needs. We also have strategic partnerships with legal and accounting firms and can liaise directly with your outside advisors, coordinating expertise as needed. The goal is offering end-to-end, turnkey wealth management that goes beyond just financial advice.


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