Tax harvesting


Many of our clients will realize large capital gains this year.  Perhaps your portfolio has done well and you’ve made investment changes or withdrawals?  Maybe you’ve sold an investment property or company?


If you’ve realized a gain this year, you may want to consider ways of reducing your capital gains tax before year end.  One way to do this is to sell an investment that is in a loss position in your non-registered account.  This is known as tax-loss selling, or tax harvesting, and can be done in three easy steps:


  1. First, identify a capital gain you wish to reduce tax on.  This can be a gain that has occurred in the current tax year, will occur in the future, or has occurred in one of the last three years.
  2. Calculate the total capital gains you will need to reduce tax on.  Remember: while you can carry capital losses back three years or forward indefinitely, tax law requires you to first apply your capital loss against capital gains that have occurred in the same year.
  3. Sell an investment in a loss position.  This generally means selling an investment that has a present value of less than what you paid for it.

What if you want to crystallize the capital loss and reacquire the investment shortly after?  Beware of the superficial loss rule.  This rule stipulates that if you, or an affiliated person, acquire the investment either 30 days before or 30 days after you’ve sold it to create a capital loss, the loss will be deemed nil.


Don’t delay - December 24th is the last trading day for tax loss selling in 2015.


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