Keeping it in the family (trust)


As cottage season winds down and folks head out to close up for the season, many of our clients revisit their plan to transition vacation properties to the next generation.  We thought we would highlight a few situations where holding your cottage in a family trust may make sense.


Would you like to crystalize capital gains and pass on the future increase in value to future generations?  A family trust would allow you to lock in the present value of the property, passing the future tax liability onto the property’s successor(s), while still allowing you to maintain control over it.  Helpful tip – a Trust agreement should stipulate who will be responsible for the ongoing management responsibilities and costs.


Concerned about your children’s ability to handle the financial responsibilities of cottage ownership?  By including a sum of money in the Trust for cottage costs, such as maintenance and bills, you can ensure your children will be able to afford the upkeep.


Wondering what would happen if your child was to get divorced?  A properly structured Trust may protect the property from being included as a marital asset.  When a Trust is considered discretionary, no single beneficiary will own the cottage.  This prevents a beneficiary from selling it without the group’s consent.


One last thing to keep in mind - a trust is treated as having disposed of its capital property at fair market value every twenty-one years.  As always, we recommend you or your investment advisor consult with your legal and tax advisors.  The cost of good advice now is cheaper than potential headaches down the road.  


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