Death and taxes


Many Canadian’s will accumulate savings they never plan to spend.  This money is typically earmarked as an inheritance for those they care about most and invested to maximize the amount that will be passed down.  Unfortunately, the higher the return, the more tax you pay.  So how do you ensure your wealth goes to people and causes you care about and not the government?


An estate bond is a financial strategy that allows you to minimize death tax through the use of a life insurance policy.  On top of immediate coverage on your life, this strategy allows you to invest, tax-free, surplus cash in the policy.


Business owners with retained earnings or key people to a corporation should also consider an estate bond.  In addition to increasing the value of their estate, it also creates liquidity upon their death to ensure a smooth transfer of the business.  A corporation would first purchase life insurance on the key person’s life then make contributions to the policy that exceed the cost of insurance.  These excess funds are invested within the policy and the income generated accrues tax-free until withdrawn.  Upon the key person’s death, the death benefit (including investment growth) is paid to the corporation tax-free.


Not only does an estate bond allow your hard earned money to grow tax free, it can substantially increase the value of your estate.  Also, by designating beneficiaries, you can more efficiently transfer funds to those you intend – potentially avoiding probate.


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