Volatility on your mind?


After a couple of relatively calm and quiet years in the stock market, volatility is back. So what can investors do to protect themselves?


1)  Keep emotions out of your calls:   Like most people, you see the markets go through a gut wrenching dive and think it’s time for action. Maybe you should sit in cash or make a few trades? It’s human to have these feelings.  It’s likely a bad idea to act on them. Neither your intuition, nor leading experts, can predict the future.  Stop. Count to ten. Take a look at market trends.  We can only accurately identify a boom or bust cycle after it’s happened. In relation to those, how did your investments perform over a 3, 5 and 10 year period?   This should drive the decisions you make.


2)  Check your asset allocation:  Your own financial needs, family considerations, and age, are a few factors that should be used to determine your risk tolerance and financial goals. It’s a great idea to diversify your portfolio between stocks, bonds, and cash at any given time. Some investment vehicles, such as a mutual fund, can do this for you.  This will minimize the impact of short term swings while taking advantage of long term growth rates in the market.


3)  Find a financial professional:  When you’re not certain about your emotions or asset allocation, who is your sounding board to help you navigate and make rational decisions?  Consulting a registered investment advisor can help you avoid costly mistakes, provide peace of mind, and recommend various investments for your portfolio.


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