What sets us apart

At first glance, all financial advisors appear to have the same expertise and to offer the same services at the same price. Take a closer look and you will find that this is not necessarily true.

Reputation and culture Unbiased advice Proven investment process Innovative and tailored investment solutions Tax, insurance, and philanthropy strategies

Reputation and culture

Since its foundation in 2003, Richardson Wealth has grown into one of the leading independent wealth management firms in Canada with over $35 billion of assets under management. Our culture is built on the entrepreneurial spirit of the Richardson family, financial advisors, and portfolio managers.

Collectively, advisors and managers hold over 30% of the equity in Richardson Wealth. This ownership represents a significant portion of their wealth. As shareholders, they think like owners and actively share their best ideas with colleagues across the country, resulting in tangible benefits for our clients. This unique approach fosters a strong corporate culture based on entrepreneurial spirit and a shared commitment to success.

Unbiased advice

The independence of our firm is one of our key strengths. In making our wealth management recommendations, we are never subject to any pressure, nor do we receive differential compensation to offer in-house products. We think independently and we always put our clients’ interest ahead of our own.

Proven investment process

Our performance track record is excellent across all asset classes. We implement personalized and diversified investment strategies tailored to your goals and risk tolerance level.

Innovative and tailored investment solutions

Based on your personal situation and goals, we determine the investment policy that will provide the guidelines for our investment decisions. Our team is experienced in all asset classes, including alternative investments such as private debt, private equity, real estate, infrastructure, and hedge funds. We have access to investments not widely available at bank-owned firms.

Tax, insurance, and philanthropy strategies

Our clients have access to Richardson Wealth’s team of experts in financial, tax, estate, and philanthropy planning, as well as insurance. We offer tax-reduction and legacy-giving strategies, among other things.