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Wealth solutions

We offer an integrated approach to wealth management that covers discretionary portfolio management, financial, tax, and estate planning, philanthropy strategies, and insurance solutions. Your meeting with one of our portfolio managers, our financial planner, a tax lawyer and an insurance specialist will help us understand your unique situation and allow us to give you sound, personalized advice on how to manage your wealth.

Financial, tax and estate planning

  • The first meeting serves to gather information on your family and financial situation. 

  • We draw up a financial plan based on various retirement scenarios.

  • We establish an estate plan, which includes a review of your will, any shareholders’ agreements, your mandate in case of incapacity, and your general power of attorney. 

  • We make recommendations regarding tax planning. These may include creating a family trust, establishing a holding company, incorporating a professional practice, undertaking an estate freeze, and setting up structures to minimize or eliminate U.S. estate tax.

Analysis of existing insurance policies

  • We perform a detailed review of your insurance contract portfolio. 

  • Based on your requirements as established in your estate plan, we present strategies to ensure the preservation and enhancement of your assets. 

  • At your request, we offer insurance strategies that comprise individual bequests and corporate planned giving.