Personalized investment solutions

Based on your personal situation and financial goals, we determine an investment policy that will provide the guidelines for our investment decisions. We offer a wide range of innovative solutions across public and private markets to meet the needs of individual investors.

Our approach

Understand your unique situation Review existing portfolio Investment proposal Implementation and management Oversight and reporting

Understand your unique financial situation

We work with you to gain an understanding of your financial situation. We engage in this activity with genuine curiosity in order to carefully review your investment goals, performance expectations, time horizon, risk tolerance and income needs in the aim of determining how to best allocate your assets over the long term.

Review existing portfolio

We review your existing asset allocation, perform a careful analysis of the securities and investment funds in your portfolio, and determine how well it all fits with your investor profile. 

Investment proposal

We propose an investment portfolio that is well-diversified across asset classes. When appropriate, we include non-traditional investments that we believe can afford significant benefits. We are transparent about the tax implications that result from the recommended changes. 

Implementation and management

If you accept our proposal, your new portfolio will be implemented and then rebalanced periodically to ensure it is well aligned with your long-term asset allocation, risk appetite, and income needs.

Oversight and reporting

We keep you informed of how your portfolio is doing through quarterly reports. If you feel the need, you may request a meeting at any time.