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Our stewardship principles

Below are the stewardship principles that guide us when making key decisions regarding how our clients’ assets are invested. 


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Prioritize long-term value creation

Our clients trust us to manage and oversee their wealth for the long term. The best strategy for good results is to stay invested including through times of market volatility. We believe trying to time the market over the short term leads to sub-optimal long-term outcomes. 


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Asset allocation is critical

We believe that asset allocation is the main driver of long-term returns and that it is intimately tied to the investor’s profile, taking into account their goals, investment horizon, risk tolerance, and income needs. Periodic portfolio rebalancing is important to maintain the target allocation and ensure consistent portfolio management.


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Risk management 

Risk management is an essential part of our work. Each investor has a different definition of risk and a different risk tolerance, which should be reflected in the construction of their portfolio. In our view, risk management begins with the construction of a well-diversified portfolio across asset classes, investment styles, sectors, geographies, and market capitalizations. We seek to build portfolios with sources of return that demonstrate low correlation to one another. A crucial element of risk management is allocating an appropriate size to each position in the portfolio. The objective is to reduce the potential negative impact of a single position in order to improve the overall resilience of the portfolio. Finally, the selection of external managers is also very important for managing operational risks and ensuring diligent asset management.


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Investing in a sustainable future

More and more, investors are concerned about environmental, social and governance issues. We believe that integrating responsible investing in the portfolio construction process contributes to build long-lasting wealth.