Building smart estate plans

A webinar with Tom Deans


Willing Wisdom Index™  

Is Your Family Prepared to Manage Your Health Care Wishes and Inherit Your Wealth?

We highly recommend you find out by taking the 8 - 10 minutes required to complete the Willing Wisdom Index™

You will be provided with a personal and confidential Estate Planning To Do List that will help you make informed decisions before meeting your lawyer. This will not only help you reduce your legal fees but also put you in the frame of mind to ensure your estate is transitioned to your intended beneficiaries on your terms.


“It is remarkably easy to predict which families will preserve inherited capital, manage each other’s care and avoid destructive litigation. One need only look at an individual’s commitment to planning, implementing and communicating basic information to family and friends while they have the capacity and the wisdom to will.” - Thomas William Deans, Ph.D, Author/Speaker



Ensure You Leave An Enduring Legacy For Your Family, Friends & Community

- Thomas William Deans, Ph.D, Author/Speaker

When You Will With Wisdom, It's Wisdom That You Will - This Is Your Greatest Gift

- Thomas William Deans, Ph.D, Author/Speaker