Our services

Unique discovery process

Our process is cutting-edge, unique, insightful and dynamic. We begin with questions on your goals and interests. Then we inquire about your previous investing history and wealth structure. Next, we provide you with a written plan, which we update annually. If you approve the plan, we embark on our collaborative process to help you achieve your financial and personal goals. We act as "quarterbacks” to coordinate your team of professional advisors such as your accountants, lawyers and tax specialists—a service that we estimate will save you one week each year on average.

Financial planning. We help you to retire successfully and plan your estate and transfer wealth smoothly and seamlessly to the next generation. It’s very important to consider the big picture of your overall financial plan. As Certified Financial Planners, we provide tax planning, insurance, cash flow, debt management, and retirement and estate planning services. We also help you set priorities to plan for retirement; education funds; debt repayment; and generate income.

Our investment planning services include: portfolio construction and diagnostics; asset allocation; portfolio strategy and Investment Policy Statement (IPS) construction; investment strategy implementation; cash flow management; tax management; and ongoing portfolio rebalancing. We provide access to equities and preferred share instruments, fixed income and money market instruments, separately managed accounts (discretionary investment management solutions); mutual funds both open and closed, structured products, alternative investments, Exchange traded funds, GICs, principal protected notes, segregated funds, and insurance.

We prefer to work on an asset-based fee model as we believe it provides better value. Rather than paying brokerage commissions every time your portfolio requires maintenance, we charge a single, competitive fee based on your asset balance so we can focus solely on what is right for your portfolio rather than the costs of transactions. (Mutual funds can be switched to the lower fee "F class” funds; they’re more cost-effective because their trailer fees are replaced by our asset-based fee.) An asset-based fee is important because of the increasing complexity of the markets. More frequent monitoring and adjustments are now required to help you limit losses and enhance profits.