Our services

A proven, conservative approach to money management

I have been offering unique and comprehensive financial solutions to affluent Canadians since 1994. Over this time, I have honed my conservative wealth management style that has served my clients well through their saving and retirement years.

Discretionary investment portfolios — customized for your peace of mind. As a Portfolio Manager, I am qualified to advise on a discretionary basis, leveraging a unique form of client trust to make investment decisions on your behalf. Ask me about my four-step approach to managing portfolios that meets my clients’ differing needs and offers them much needed peace of mind.

A respectful approach to client communication. While I manage portfolios on a discretionary basis, there will be no surprises about the investments I make on your behalf. All investment decisions are in keeping with your Investment Policy Statement, a document that you approve at the outset that is updated regularly. I keep my clients as informed as they’d like to be regarding their portfolios. Some like weekly updates, others prefer monthly. You will receive detailed quarterly portfolio performance statements.

Retirement. No matter what stage of retirement planning you’re at, we will help you prepare for a fabulous future, considering everything that a meaningful life should embrace: family, health, learning, work, adventure, and a legacy. Our team of experts provides everything you need to retire in comfort and peace of mind. We conduct a financial check-up, a pension plan assessment, plus a valuation and analysis of your insurance policies and employment retirement package. We will review and update your current retirement plan, and show you how to generate more tax efficient income.

Your estate. We help you develop an exit strategy to minimize tax, conserve wealth and pass wealth to the next generation efficiently and effectively. We focus on will planning, tax minimization, succession planning, and charitable giving. Family trusts and private foundations are considered, and, if you have a family business, we will discuss its sale or its role in your retirement years. Your legacy. We examine your paper trail — the documents which ensure your legacy is guaranteed, such as your will, insurance† policies and trusts. Consultations will also centre on philosophical explorations of what you want your life to have been about. What really matters to you? What causes or charities do you feel are important?