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Value-driven investments

We take a value approach to investing that centres on after-tax returns. Value investing is a strategy of purchasing investments at prices below their intrinsic worth due to temporary mispricing in the market, usually from a short-term change in investor sentiment or non-fatal errors by corporate management. These securities are out of favour and provide a margin of safety as prices are unlikely to retreat much from their current level. This value approach has been academically proven, and more importantly, proven in the real world by investors who have secured excellent long-term returns on an absolute and risk-adjusted basis.   

Formulas and limits are in place to ensure that there is a consistency and discipline across all client portfolios.

Segregated portfolios

Every portfolio is individually segregated and managed with discipline. This allows our clients to invest in an identical manner yet hold their securities separately rather than communally so each investor can measure their returns against relevant benchmarks. Our quarterly composite investment performance reporting makes it easy for you to evaluate our performance.

Our customized portfolios focus on large-cap North American and International companies and high-quality fixed income securities. They are tactically adjusted according to the markets and economic conditions.

Our fixed income portfolios typically mature within 15 years and are held strictly within the confines of credit quality such that no more than ten percent have credit ratings of BBB. Portfolios are composed of a maximum of 55 percent corporate issues.

Our equities portfolios balance risk and reward through dividend-bearing, high-quality securities. They are designed to preserve your capital and outperform in downside markets while capturing upside opportunities. 

Our growth portfolios focus on investing in the securities of high-quality companies that have exhibited a strong potential to generate high-growth opportunities.

Discretionary investing

As Portfolio Managers, we are qualified to perform discretionary asset management, a platform through which we are trusted to make all the day-to-day investment decisions necessary to help you reach your financial goals.

Together, we create a detailed Investment Policy Statement that clearly outlines your financial situation, goals and risk tolerance as well as the asset mix and specific investments we will use to create your portfolio. The IPS ensures we manage your wealth in keeping with our initial agreement.

You pay a single, asset-based fee that aligns our goals and ensures that investment decisions can be made strategically without worrying about the cost of transactions. Our portfolios’ success is measured against appropriate industry and personal benchmarks so you can assess our performance.

Security of assets

Since Richardson Wealth is a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF) and the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC), assets and cash balances held with us are protected. The safeguarding of your assets is our top priority.

Learn more about the way assets are safeguarded at Richardson Wealth.

Financial guidance

We always welcome the opportunity to help you manage your wealth in a manner that will simplify your life and minimize your tax burden.

We will liaise with your lawyer, tax accountant, insurance specialist, and estate planner and respect the long-standing relationships you have with these professionals. If you do not have an existing team of advisors, we will draw upon the expertise of our own network of specialists as required.

Whether you seek guidance on the best way to structure the ownership of your family cottage, create a family trust to save your estate from high probate fees, pass your wealth to your heirs in a wise and meaningful way—or even determine the most cost-effective way to finance an important purchase—we are here to advise you.

Our proven process

The best client is an informed client. We ensure that our investors understand their investments as well as the market and economic factors that influence them. When clients are informed, engaged and actively involved, they develop trust and understanding in what we are doing and are less likely to abandon sound strategies at the worst moment.

With a collaborative approach, we follow a four-step approach to wealth management:

  1. Profiling (where you stand/how you’re doing) — Through in-depth discussion and analysis with you, we create a detailed profile of your financial situation, wealth structure, time horizon, risk tolerance level, goals, and expectations.
  2. Proposal (where you’re going) — We create a detailed Investment Policy Statement that clearly outlines your financial situation, goals and risk tolerance as well as the asset mix and specific investments we will use to create your portfolio. The IPS ensures we manage your wealth in keeping with our initial agreement.
  3. Implementation (how you’re going to get there) — At this point, we implement the asset allocation recommendation outlined in the proposal. As we construct the portfolio during this phase, we ensure that each holding is aligned with your risk and return objectives.
  4. Review (making sure you stay on track) — We monitor your portfolio carefully and make adjustments and refinements as necessary. Every quarter, we provide you with a performance report that summarizes the individual securities held in your portfolio. Also, each month in which a transaction has been made, you will receive a monthly statement.

We will meet with you to review your portfolio. It is important for us to stay informed of changes in your circumstances. You are always welcome to call us to discuss your investments or any financial advice you may require.  

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