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Adjusting the sails

What sets us apart

We tailor solutions to the unique needs of each client, according to their age, income and goals; we monitor portfolios and markets in order to note trends and act accordingly; we communicate with clients on a regular basis.
Our team practices value investing: we buy shares of companies that appear undervalued in the short term and will reveal their true value over the long term. Using fundamental analysis, we seek key economic themes and trends as well as companies within these themes that generate strong cash flows. This style of money management is the most efficient while being less risky.
In addition to offering traditional investments, we also deliver access to institutional investments in the form of proprietary and innovative solutions such as private equity and real estate, and corporate services in the form of liquidity management, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate financing solutions.
Whether you are a private or corporate client, you can expect:

  • Regular monitoring of your portfolio
  • Constant communication and timely review of our investment strategies
  • Systematic portfolio reviews
  • Doors that are always open
  • Creative ideas and proactive management
  • An asset-based fee structure
  • Trust, integrity and respect.