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Knowing the ropes

The Marc Beauchamp Wealth Management team model portfolios

Why do we use model portfolios and why are they advantageous for you?

Model portfolios compel us to follow a rigorous and disciplined approach with respect to the investment management of our clients’ money. Our model portfolios are structured to match various risk tolerances be it conservative, aggressive or somewhere in between.  Asset allocation, a key factor in achieving investment objectives, is at the heart of building our model portfolios. Equities are chosen on a growth at a reasonable price (GARP) basis.  We use various metrics to determine our selection. None of the equity position can exceed 5% of the total value of the portfolio. By applying this process we can ensure diversification and better risk management. 

  • Our model portfolios are updated and rebalanced as markets conditions dictate.  
  • Our model portfolios were created in 2013 and are designed to outperform their benchmark indices. 
  • We are convinced that we offer excellent added value to our clients who consent to investing within the parameters of our model portfolios. 
  • The members of our team ensure that our model portfolios meet their respective criteria.