Our Approach



At The Mactaggart Hryn Team, we combine conversation with discipline to guide your investment success. Three equations come together to form a proven process to manage your money with precision:

Listening + Precision = Opportunity

Our greatest resource is our relationships – with our clients, your professional advisors, and the leaders in our industry. We put the time in to understand your goals, and stay informed about the opportunities that are available in the marketplace. This deep understanding of your financial future allows us to recommend a strategy that will help you achieve what is important to you.


Diligence + Analysis = Impact

Attention to detail sets our team apart. Our proven process and experience ensure we’re more than diligent – we’re vigilant in our quest to ensure your best interests. Our focus on what matters to you includes regular analysis and adjustments to your strategy with a clear eye on protecting your portfolio while maximizing your returns and minimizing your tax burden. This disciplined approach is designed to help you feel comfortable and secure regardless of market conditions.


Approachability + Communication = Trust

It all comes together with a consistent connection with you: we keep you in touch with easy to read, personalized reports and secure online tools that give you 24/7 access to your investments. We check in often, always welcome a call or meeting, and are happy to answer your questions, offer advice, or just catch up. This regular contact leads to a deeper understanding of your needs, which ultimately is the best tool at our disposal.

We understand that in choosing to work with The Mactaggart Hryn Team at Richardson Wealth, you’re putting great responsibility in our hands: your business success, your family security, your retirement, your legacy.

It’s a responsibility that we take very seriously, a trust we earn with you every day.

Our values

At The Mactaggart Hryn Team, every single decision we make is guided by our corporate and personal values, as follows:

  • Community — we pledge to be community leaders, volunteers and financial supporters.
  • Diligence — we will leave no stone unturned in our attention to detail and investment analysis.
  • Family — guiding our employment practices and choices in community support.
  • Integrity — our trust is earned with honesty and ethical practices — in our actions, and those of our investment choices.
  • Learning — we remain apprised of emerging trends in wealth management and retirement planning.
  • Relationships — we care to build authentic relationships with our clients.
  • Transparency — we ensure frequent and clear communication, and are always available to answer questions.