Onboarding and Communications

Next Steps


Our team follows a carefully developed process with new clients to ensure a consistent and thorough approach to welcoming you to our team:

Step 1: Familiarization Meeting

  • In-depth meeting to get to know you, your goals, investment experience, and risk tolerance.
  • We’ll share details about our investment philosophy and answer all your questions.

Step 2: Review and Research

  • Our team reviews all opportunities and collaborates to make the best recommendations for you.
  • You will be asked to provide information to ensure we provide a thorough proposal. Your privacy is paramount, and we follow strict protocols to keep your information safe.
  • Asset allocation is prepared for presentation to you.

Step 3: Recommendations Meeting

  • We meet again (typically about two weeks later) to personally present our strategy and the investment recommendations to fulfill it.
  • Should you choose to proceed, we’ll provide documentation for signing.
  • We’ll answer all your questions and discuss the transfer process.

Step 4: Transfer (approximately 10 business days)

  • Final paperwork is coordinated.
  • We connect with your accountant and other professional advisors.
  • We help you sign up for the Richardson Wealth secure online client portal, so you can monitor your portfolio, send funds to us.
  • You may elect to sign up for Richardson Wealth’s daily Launchpad and Weekly Market Insights.
  • When the transfer is complete, we’ll set up a call or meeting to confirm our recommendations and next actions.

Ongoing Communications

  • We agree to regular intervals of telephone or meeting updates.
  • You will receive regular market updates as subscribed to by you.
  • We will connect with you at regular set intervals to make sure we adjust your asset allocation to take advantage of new opportunities and mitigate risks in line with your strategy.
  • Our team is available to answer your emails, telephone calls or schedule a meeting.