Taking control in challenging times


Taking control in challenging times


Between the global pandemic and the U.S. election, the year 2020 has certainly been a test of what is in our control, and what is not. As we continue to navigate this together, it has been a year that has encouraged many people to take control where they can: to reevaluate their life plans, career goals and personal commitments.


I have heard frequently from people with younger families that they are contemplating leaving or reducing their role in the workforce to focus their day-to-day energies on raising their children and keeping their family healthy and safe. Similarly, I am hearing more from clients who are accelerating retirement plans as their jobs or businesses continue to go through substantial change. As our communities recover, they envision a volunteer role for themselves – in their minds this is more urgent and will be more fulfilling.


To some extent, these conversations are abating as kids return to school, as the economy slowly regains strength, but priorities – and our ability to control them – remain top-of-mind as we experience increasing uncertainty and worry.


These life altering decisions should not happen in a vacuum or rashly in reaction to circumstances as a way of maintaining control. In any event, involving loved ones should be a given, but including an investment advisor can really have added benefit as well. Experienced advisors can help project and plan for different options, and help envision scenarios that can make the difference between screaming “this is untenable” and knowing that, yes, with some planning and lots of discussion the “what ifs” of change can be whittled down and some comfort and control can be achieved with whatever decision is taken. 


There are a lot of investment options in the landscape today, and advisors add value for clients by listening to their needs and crafting a strategy to meet those needs.  The information is out there but having someone with the expertise to distill and customize it can make all the difference.