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Our services

Our clients may share similar goals, but how your investment portfolio and wealth plan gets you there is unique to you. We work one-to-one with every client to capture those goals and objectives — the things that motivate you, the things you’d like to achieve — in order to create a formal and personalized Investment Policy Statement (IPS). Your goals sit alongside risk mitigation to help us determine the right mix and allocation of assets. 

We’re discretionary portfolio managers — we work with client ideas, while being able to make decisions based on your IPS allows us to quickly pivot towards opportunities and help shield you from market volatility. We work with a select client base because it allows us to cultivate personal relationships built on trust, transparency and mutual understanding. 

At Richardson Wealth, we are not pressured to recommend or hold any particular product, stock, or bond, we make decisions independently and in your best interest.

Investments unique to you.

We are always seeking to ensure our clients are positioned in the strongest performing sectors in the market at any given time. We have the flexibility and resources to choose from a comprehensive variety of vehicles, including domestic and international equities, bonds, flow-through shares, options, and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). In addition to various internal and external research services provided through Richardson Wealth, we often obtain or create analysis specific to a client’s unique needs. We share our own commentary on markets regularly but especially during difficult or unique periods.

Comprehensive wealth planning

We see an investment portfolio as the cornerstone of a wider wealth plan. It’s what fuels your growth while your wealth plan helps you preserve and protect your family and your legacy. Leveraging our expertise and Richardson Wealth’s in-house team of tax, insurance and estate planning experts, we create and continually adapt your long-term plan in line with how you want your life to look. 

Client events

Keeping our clients informed is important to us. Throughout the year, we host distinguished speakers and lunch-and-learns for our clients to broaden their knowledge surrounding finances and the capital markets. Historically we have hosted charitable events on a regular basis. We have raised money for Hospice Calgary, The Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation, Inn From the Cold, Mount Royal University Men’s Basketball and the Kidney Foundation.