Urban Cowboy Saloon roped in over $120,000 in support of the Canadian Kidney Foundation

In July 2011, we hosted an Urban Cowboy Saloon in support of the Canadian Kidney Foundation at the Ranchman’s on 4th in downtown Calgary.

The event was sponsored by our team, as well as good friends Sonny and Michelle Warrack who came up with the idea and donated their time and money to make it an event to remember.

The evening featured a mechanical bull with "celebrity” riders who were auctioned off to the crowd and all proceeds were split between the charity and the highest bidder for the winning rider (a special thanks to Steve and Sue Sutton who donated their winnings to the Kidney Foundation). Riders included Liz Pedersen, Michelle Warrack, Ed Rha, Dominic Spooner, Steve Damberger, Samir Chehade and winning rider Cindy Carron.

The other big event of the evening was the "Chicken Drop,” which involved two chickens in a pen on squares numbered 1 to 100 (which were sold at $100 per square). The winner was determined by the square in which the chicken chose to "do its business.” The winner was Atticus MacEachern (son of Grant and Kim MacEachern) who was generous enough to donate a portion of his winnings to the Kidney Foundation.

With matching by the Macquarie Group Foundation, we raised over $120,000.

A great big thank you to all who came out to support this event. All the money raised has been used to fund research for kidney disease through the Macquarie Research Fund for Alport Syndrome.