We believe the highest level of integrity is foundational to what we do — today and forever

  • Adherence to the letter and spirit of the regulatory environment 

  • Being guided by compliance protocols and acknowledged principles of professional ethics

  • Sustainable operations and an established succession plan

  • Actively seeking younger, bright candidates to nurture, mentor and for our elders to eventually pass the baton to, ensuring intergeneration continuity

Our firm and the Richardson family embodies what we believe to be true, valuable, and admirable


We believe that the most joy is created when the whole person is considered

We take a different approach:  


  • We consider the intersection of physical and emotional health with financial well-being

  • Wealth without Health is not meaningful

Our passion for knowledge drives our curiosity, specialized education, and search for creativity

For our team this means:

  • Combining education and experience, with innovation 

  • Being proactive with our suggestions, guidance, and advice

  • Being prompt and insightful with our responses

  • Being armed with the most current information 

  • Being prepared to consider new perspectives 

We constantly seek specialized training to better serve you 

We believe the power of collaboration is built on the strength of individuals


  • We consider our relationship with you a partnership, in this venture called life

  • We have attracted talented and committed individuals with differing skills and abilities 

  • We have created an environment that is not just respectful of these differences, it appreciates them

We believe financial self-actualization will lead to inter-generational success

We empower YOU:

  • By helping you identify and articulate your core values

  • By helping you share those values and beliefs with your children and grandchildren 

  • By being deeply committed to, and experienced in, inter-generational planning

  • By formulating and helping you execute a financial plan based upon those values 

  • By expressing those values through investment management strategies 

  • By having those values manifest through charitable giving, volunteerism, and a legacy plan