Life transitions

There are moments in your life you anticipate — the birth of a new family member, your grown children heading off to college, the moment of retirement. 

Not all of life’s milestones come with advanced warning.

Kathy McMillan, as one of the first individuals in Canada to train at Sudden Money Institute in Florida, is well-versed on how transitions thrust us into a position where what we considered was stable is suddenly in flux. And depending on our mindset about change and our experience up until our next moment of change, that's either exciting or terrifying.

Financial Transitionists® know how to help keep you safe when you're feeling vulnerable, and challenge you to even further enhance your experience when you're feeling strong.  

At McMillan Wealth Solutions, life’s transformative moments — expected or otherwise — are our expertise. We will guide you through the process of gaining control by bringing clarity and understanding to your finances and empowering you to make the choices you need to move forward.