Virtual Women and Wealth Event 

Does my financial plan need to be pink?

Last year, Joelle Hall, Director, Wealth Management, Investment Advisor, Portfolio Manager at Richardson Wealth, authored an article about whether or not women's financial plans need to be "pink". The answer to that question is unequivocally YES.


With International Women's Day fast approaching, Joelle will be interviewing Jackie Power, AVP Mackenzie Tax and Estate, to learn more about how matters like the wage gap, marital status, and work hiatus' impact women's financial plans and strategies to address these unique challenges.

  • How do I overcome financial disadvantages that affect women like the wage gap and living longer?
  • What is tax planning and how does it affect whether or not I’m living my life on my terms?
  • I’m a single woman, these things don’t apply to me. Do they?


Join Joelle and Jackie to learn about the complex answers to these questions and more!


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