Our vision  

Diligence and dedication  

As an Investment Advisor with a special interest in fixed income investments, I construct portfolios for individuals who are approaching retirement, corporations, institutional non-profit organizations and municipalities.

To help investors choose the ideal asset allocation for their unique investment needs, I typically recommend a combination of government and corporate bonds, preferred shares, income trusts, top quality stocks, mutual funds, structured products, and occasionally derivatives (options). My investment portfolios are always tailored to each investor’s specific needs and goals.

Following a detailed and diligent service plan, I contact my clients whenever their investments need attention and, at a very minimum, perform a quarterly portfolio review over the telephone. I provide written annual performance reviews early each February, and I am always available whenever you have a financial or tax-related question. Feel free to contact me by phone or email—I will always reply promptly.

With diligence, I will help you to identify clear objectives, develop an effective strategy and execute it successfully to help you reach your investment goals. Here at Richardson Wealth, I am free to advise you objectively without bias to any particular product, platform or compensation plan, from a virtually unlimited assortment of investment options.