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Preservation and growth  

Following a balanced approach to portfolio construction, I recommend investing across diverse asset classes to achieve growth and generate steady income. This allows you to protect a portion of your investments while exploring avenues that may provide a good rate of return.

I try to deliver consistent, low-risk returns through high-quality, dividend-bearing stocks and other asset classes that generate good yields over the long term. As a former tax attorney, I understand tax regulations in depth and remain vigilant about maximizing all the available advantages to help you invest tax-effectively.

Outperformance is achieved by sector selection—while I do my best to anticipate which sector will prevail, this is very difficult to predict. Adhering to a strict asset allocation, and remaining very well diversified in equities, I aim to outperform in the fixed income side, which is much more reliable.

A focus on bonds. Specializing in fixed income and structured products, I favour exchange-traded corporate convertible bonds. They provide a better yield than over-the-counter corporate bonds, and private clients (that is, non-institutional investors) benefit from a significant uptick on the conversion feature. At a set stock price, you get an additional chance to generate yield on top of the value of the coupon or dividend.

Today, effective bond strategies protect assets from being eaten away by inflation. Bonds provide security: the default rate for the high-rated corporate convertible bonds is less than one percent.

Corporate bonds. Corporate bonds work like government bonds, but usually pay over twice as much interest. They are available in a wide range of maturities, from 1- to 30-year terms. Unlike GICs, they can be bought and sold prior to their maturity dates without built-in-penalties. Convertible bonds offer all the advantages of corporate bonds and also provide both the yield from the bond and shares in the company once the bonds are converted into equities.

Model portfolio. While individually customizing each investor’s portfolio, I use my model portfolio as a foundation. I carefully track any drop of 10 percent or more from a stock or bond’s annual high watermark and analyze the sector and factors such as geopolitical influences and economic fallout.

Preferred shares. In real time, I track the rates, yields to first call, reset rates, corporate spreads, and other aspects of the market. Five-year reset preferred shares are safe and are advantageous. If rates rise by the five-year maturity date, your coupon (or dividend) is protected because it is re-set higher based upon the prevailing Government of Canada rate.