Our services:

Investment Advice: Our  team assists clients with investment selection and advice. We ensure your risk tolerance, income needs and goals are always taken into consideration. Investments are more than just stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Proper investment advice, simplifies your life, and allows you to stay on track throughout your lifetime.

For our retired clients, or those approaching retirement: We work with you to determine your income requirements and plan for withdrawals from RRIF, Investment and TFSA accounts. Our investment recommendations are designed with an eye to income generation, to ensure your income requirements are met.

Financial, Tax and Estate Planning: Together with our tax and estate planning team, we develop a full financial plan. All aspects, including investment, retirement, tax, insurance and estate planning are considered.

A co-ordinated team: We will work with you, and your professional advisors, including accountants and lawyers.  We can also refer you to trusted professionals, if required.



Full service investment accounts available, including:
  •  Income Investment Accounts for tax friendly monthly income 

  •  Tax Free Savings Accounts ( TFSA )

  •  Retirement Income Funds ( RRIF )

  •  Registered Retirement Savings Plan ( RRSP )

  •  Pension Rollovers

  •  Individual Pension Plans ( IPP )

  •  Stocks, Bonds, GICs, Mutual funds, Closed-End Funds, ETFs, New Issues, Private Placements, Limited Partnerships and
     Flow Through Shares

  •  Separately Managed Accounts – Managed by some of the top investment managers in Canada

  •  Our services are suitable for investors with $500,000 or more available for investment

  •  Accounts are available on a commission or a fee basis.

Retirement and Financial Planning
  •  Certified Financial Planner and Professional Financial Planner on staff.

Insurance Services:
  •  Annuities

  •  Whole Life

  •  Universal Life

Insurance services are offered through Richardson Wealth Insurance Services Limited in BC, AB, SK, MB, NWT, ON, QC and PEI. Additional administrative support and policy management are provided by PPI Partners.