Working with us

Brumer Seidman Wealth Management: Protect. Prosper. Peace of mind.

Our focus on you

We measure our success by the achievement of our client's goals, as opposed to arbitrary benchmarks or indices. Our goals-based approach allows us to measure and track your success over the long term.

Our portfolio construction

Rather than adopt a "buy and hold” or passive allocation, we tighten and loosen our "belts” based on relative strength and weakness in the markets. We add significant value versus conventional portfolio theory by maintaining heavier exposure to stronger markets, while being underweight in weaker ones. 

Our use of "absolute return” strategies

We strive for consistent performance in all market environments. Losses and down-years will happen, undoubtedly. We seek to minimize their impact on our clients' portfolios. Most importantly, when clients do have negative years, we see that the losses are mitigated, and that they remain on track.

Our pension-fund style approach

When process, people and philosophy are sound, performance should follow. We do not claim to know which investment, fund, or manager is "best”, and we believe that anyone who claims that they do is likely lying to themselves, as well as to you. What we do know is this: The world's largest pension funds, endowment funds, and institutions invest are using a disciplined, systematic process that is based on a sound framework. It's the process you would follow if you had five hundred million dollars, and it is predicated on one simple principle: Do what makes sense.

Our independence

Free from pressure to select internal products, and with the latitude to act solely in the best interest of our clients, we have zero conflicts of interest in our decision-making process.