What to expect

Brumer Seidman Wealth Management: Protect. Prosper. Peace of mind.

1. Discovery 2. Investment Policy Statement (IPS) and portfolio construction 3. Due diligence 4. Ongoing reviews

1. Discovery

At the outset of any client relationship, we gain a thorough understanding of who are clients are, what makes them tick, where they’ve been and what they envision for their future. We conduct a thorough review to identify any potential risks and pitfalls that you may be exposed to — for example in your estate plans, corporate structuring, or insurance coverage. Our goal is to uncover these risks and protect against them, giving you absolute peace of mind.  

2. Investment Policy Statement (IPS) and portfolio construction

We create a customized Investment Policy Statement for each client’s portfolio. This outlines your specific investment objectives and expectations, and acts as a reference to help evaluate our goals-based approach. 

3. Due diligence

The actions of all managers we use are frequently and carefully monitored, ensuring they adhere to their discipline and that there are no fundamental changes in their team or process. Should the need arise, the manager is replaced. Time and again, investment managers tell us our questions and due diligence process are among the toughest they have encountered. This is a point of great pride for us.

4. Ongoing reviews

Through regular reviews, we consider changes to our clients' personal circumstances, the economy and capital markets. This helps ensure their portfolio continues to reflect their long-term investment objectives. Outside of regularly scheduled reviews, we are in regular communication with our clients and are available at any time to discuss what's on their mind.