Estate Planning

Estate planning is an important part of the wealth management process. When properly addressed, an estate plan can help simplify the distribution process of your estate, while minimizing tax and making sure those important to you are taken care of.

It is strongly encouraged by our team that you have a thorough Estate Plan. This includes having the following key components in place:

1.Comprehensive Will 

  • has your will been updated in the past 5-10 years?
  • has there been any births or deaths that would affect your will?


  • does your executor reside in the same province as you?
  • is your executor aware of the designation and capable of the task-at-hand?

3.Power(s) of Attorney (POA)

  • does your POA reside in the same province as you?
  • is your POA different from your executor?

4.Health Care Directive (HCD)

  • do you have a HCD and are they knowledgeable of your wishes?

5.A reliable and trustworthy lawyer who is thoroughly informed on your will and wishes

6.Appropriate beneficiaries selected for all investment, insurance, and holdings

Will Planning

Your Will is the most important document to ensure that the wealth you accumulated over your lifetime goes to those most important to you whether it is your family, your friends, charities or any combination thereof. Some important questions to consider in regards to your Will are:

  • Do I have a Will? Is it updated?
  • Who should be my executor? 
  • Who should be my beneficiaries?
  • What can I do to lessen the tax bill?


Having a thorough Estate Plan in place will help ease the burden of those who left to process your estate and can aid in making the entire settlement as smooth and stress-free as possible.