Estate Planning

Estate planning is an important part of the wealth management process. When properly addressed, an estate plan can help simplify the distribution processof your estate, while minimizing tax and making sure those important to you are taken care of.


Will Planning

Your Will is the most important document to ensure that the wealth you accumulated over your lifetime goes to those most important to you whether it is your family, your friends, charities or any combination thereof. Some important questions to consider in regards to your Will are:

  • Do I have a Will?
  • Who should be my executor?
  • Who should be my beneficiaries?
  • What can I do to lessen the tax bill?


To assist you in answering these questions as well as many others, we have subscribed to a service called the Willing Wisdom Index. We are one of a limited number of teams across the country with access to this very beneficial service. It will address any shortfalls and highlight the strengths of your Will based on a series of questions. Please click the link below and take the 10 minutes to complete the exercise.


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