Advising small business owners

As small business owners, we are familiar with the challenges of entrepreneurship and the unique planning required to pave a smooth financial road.

We will ensure that you:

  • Protect yourself from the loss of a key business partner or employee or your ability work due to accident or illness;
  • Draft a buy-sell agreement to outline the terms and conditions of your departure and allow successors to easily assume control of the business;
  • Protect your family and employees through a group disability insurance plan (a valuable benefit that helps you attract and retain key employees), while supplementing your coverage with an individual policy;
  • Protect your family and employees with group health, life insurance, critical illness and long-term care coverage;
  • Creditor-proof your personal assets by incorporating your business (if it is not already incorporated), moving excess cash to a holding company, and investing in Guaranteed Investment Funds for your RRSP and other personal investment plans;
  • Reduce taxes through income splitting: awarding tax-deductible salaries to family members who provide a service, or paying dividends to share-owning family members aged 18 years and older;
  • Take advantage of your capital gains exemption;
  • Plan for a retirement in which you enjoy the same level of lifestyle or better;
  • Avoid the pitfall of relying exclusively on the sale of your business by contributing to an RRSP, Individual Pension Plan (IPP) or a Retirement Compensation Arrangement (RCA);
  • Decide whether it is wiser to pay yourself dividend income or contribute to RRSPs;
  • Establish a non-registered portfolio alongside your RRSP, such as universal life insurance for tax-sheltered growth;
  • Devise a carefully-considered estate plan to transfer wealth smoothly and swiftly to your heirs and favourite causes, accounting for capital gains tax;
  • Design a business succession plan and make preparations to sell your business;
  • Ensure you have a Will and Power of Attorney or POA (called a Mandate in Québec).