Our Vision

Complete wealth management

Top accountants, lawyers, medical professionals and executives have complex financial lives and require multi-generational financial planning. I build tailored portfolios for my clients with a particular focus on tax-conscious investing strategies and manage all their assets to provide comprehensive financial leadership.

With a solid knowledge base in taxation, I keep up with my sophisticated clients, many of whom are Chartered Accountants. Other specialties include Individual Pension Plans (IPPs) to help business owners and professionals ensure an affluent retirement and overall financial planning for high net worth investors.   

Benefits of working with me:

1.    You get to focus on your work (or play if you’re retired) while I do the worrying for you.
2.    Your needs and goals come first!
3.    No hidden fees or charges; everything is defined at the outset.
4.    No interest in collecting or seeking commissions.
5.    No money is made from trading, I only do what is necessary to build and maintain accounts.
6.    No bias to any product or platform. Everything I do is in your best interest only.   
7.    No "one size fits all” – everything is possible and all options are explored.
8.    No charges for asset allocation plans, strategy papers, tax consultation or planning documents, or consulting with me.
9.    Responsive service: all portfolio, tax or income reports are done and emailed in a day or less (for you or your accountant).
10.  Discretionary investing: as a Portfolio Manager, I leverage a unique form of client trust that eliminates the need for prior consent on individual securities trades. This eliminates the distraction of trading costs and missed opportunities.