Our Services

Comprehensive investment leadership

I advise successful executives, professionals and business owners on maximizing tax-efficient income and transferring wealth to successive generations. To deliver superior risk-adjusted returns over time, I use a proven cash-flow-focused approach to evaluate stocks and bonds and construct diversified portfolios, regularly rebalancing them to contain less risk. I help control portfolio volatility while achieving capital growth by using the same risk management principles employed by university endowments and pension plans, tapping into institutional-quality alternative investment vehicles and solutions.

Who should hold assets and how — for example, you should hold bonds in your RRSP because the interest (otherwise taxed at a high rate) is tax-deferred. Professionals can designate ownership of their income-generating assets to family members who pay a lower tax rate.

Incorporation — Accountants, lawyers and medical professionals can incorporate to minimize their tax burdens. Their family members can own shares in their companies. By paying dividends to children over 18, the families pay less tax overall.

Flow-through shares — An effective tax-planning tool for affluent investors. They convert current taxable income into tax-advantaged capital gains taxable at some point in the future.

Corporate bonds for non-taxed interest distribution — Enhance returns, balance your portfolio, safeguard against loss, have one-year to 30-year terms, and ensure liquidity.

Insurance — Protect your practice, family, assets, lifestyle and estate. Prepare to pay the taxes that will come due on a cottage you inherit. Prepare for probate, capital gains and income taxes that will come due on your parents’ estate.

Individual Pension Plans (IPPs). Tax-effective retirement planning for business owners. Sponsored by an incorporated employer. Your spouse may join if employed with the same company. Contribute much more than you can to an RRSP and creditor-proof assets.

Retirement. I start by customizing a financial and investment plan to your unique needs, perform a detailed analysis to determine how much you need to retire, taking into account other sources of retirement income, then help your adhere to your plans through good and bad markets. Like an emotional anchor, I mitigate the highs and lows. I also help you to counteract inflation.

Planning your estate. Working with other professionals, I will help you give careful consideration to financial, legal and tax issues to ensure the smooth and seamless transfer of your assets to your beneficiaries.