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Kathleen is unapologetically optimistic, empathetic and pragmatic. Always a good listener, she offers insight into particular financial planning issues that is, in essence, always about value and values.

– Paul Szaszkiewicz, OAA
Owner of Cumulus Architects Inc.

I work with many intelligent and talented women and I can confidently say that Kathleen is one of them. Her dedication and support on the CASF Board is proof of her commitment to helping others, much in the way she helps her clients prepare for and live in retirement. I’m happy to call Kathleen my trusted financial and retirement advisor.

– Valerie McMurtry, CFRE
President and CEO

For the past 25 years, Kathleen Wronski has managed my portfolio with a marked degree of success in both bear and bull markets. She has also provided sound advice on a variety of other matters. Her consistent and “unflappable” approach compliments the pleasure it is to do business with her. Kathleen is very well qualified and experienced with a thorough understanding of general financial matters.

-Douglas Napier
Eur. Ing. Professor Douglas Napier

Kathleen and I have enjoyed a working relationship spanning over 30 years and I’ve never had cause to doubt her honesty, truthfulness or financial acumen. She has assisted numerous clients and family members achieve their goal of a secure, steady
source of income in their retirement.

–James McGill