Elevate Your Financial Future with Our Unparalleled Gold-Standard Service

At Wronski-Cann, we set the gold standard for wealth management, ensuring that our clients experience the pinnacle of financial excellence. With our comprehensive approach, we provide you with a distinguished level of service that stands out in the industry.

Our commitment to your financial success is unwavering, offering:

  • Full-Service Wealth Management: Gain constant access to a team of preferred professionals, including tax accountants, lawyers, insurance experts, and more, who work collaboratively to provide you with the best possible comprehensive financial advice.
  • Strategic Financial Planning: Tailored financial planning to secure your future and achieve your goals.
  • Elite Investment Solutions: Carefully researched and selected investments from a vast universe of options to maximize your portfolio.
  • Strategic Tax and Estate Planning: Implement effective strategies to minimize your tax liability, integrating tax and investment planning seamlessly.
  • Accountability at Tax Time: Timely handling of tax-related responsibilities, including T-slips, foreign asset holdings, RRSP contribution receipts, and comprehensive cost summaries. Seamless communication with tax accountants and specialists, ensuring your financial affairs are optimized.
  • Exclusive Tax Reporting: Personalized tax reporting of realized gains and losses, plus enhanced access to our in-house tax and estate planning team.
  • Family Wealth Legacy Planning: Expert guidance for intergenerational wealth transfer, mentoring, and coaching of family members. Coordination and facilitation of family meetings to discuss tax and estate planning.
  • Global Financial Access: Facilitate international wire transfers in various currencies, making your global financial endeavors effortless.
  • Insurance Needs Analysis: Regular reviews to ensure your coverage matches your evolving financial circumstances.
  • Competitive Currency Exchange: Benefit from favorable currency exchange rates for international transactions.
  • Annual Wealth Management Review: Personalized, face-to-face or virtual progress reviews to keep your financial strategy on track.
  • Services for US Persons: Comprehensive services and reporting tailored to the unique needs of US taxpayers.
  • Critical Life Event Support: Smoothly manage asset separation or amalgamation during significant life events.
  • Corporate and Business Expertise: Personalized corporate, business, and estate planning, optimizing your tax and financial structure.
  • Stock Options Management: Efficient handling of stock options as needed, maximizing your potential benefits.
  • Tax-Deductible Fees: Competitive management fee structure that's tax-deductible in non-registered accounts, saving you money.
  • Commission Account Options: Flexibility with commission accounts to meet your unique financial preferences.

At Wronski-Cann, we redefine wealth management. Join us and experience the gold standard of financial services tailored to your unique needs and aspirations.