Become a Client: Unlock the Benefits of Joining the Wronski Cann Group

Elevate your financial journey by becoming a valued member of the Wronski Cann Group's exclusive community of accredited investors. Our commitment to safeguarding, amplifying, and expanding your wealth is unparalleled. By choosing us, you and your family will gain exclusive access to cutting-edge research, in-house experts, and the peace of mind necessary to retire with absolute confidence. Join us in securing a prosperous financial future.

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Retire with Clarity

What to expect when you join the Wronski Cann Group

We are Portfolio Managers and wealth solution providers who assist our clients and their families to make prudent decisions in building their investments and protecting their assets. Our general strategy is based on repeatable processes that manage investment risk.

Through our team, you will have access to comprehensive wealth management, superior research and personalized service tailored to your needs.

We include a process of consultation and planning that addresses many issues beyond the management of securities that include estate planning, business succession, insurance and retirement planning.


Your assets are safe

Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF)

Created by the investment industry to ensure client assets are protected (within defined limits) if a member investment dealer becomes insolvent. Through the Investor Protection Fund, a clients general and a retirement account are each eligible for $1 Million of coverage.

Added security. Peace of mind.

A separate insurance policy through Lloyd’s of London effectively doubles CIPF protection to $2 million for each general and retirement account.

Member of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC)

National self-regulatory body overseeing all investment dealers and trading activity. IIROC sets high standards and oversight regarding proficiency, business and financial conduct of the dealer firm and its employees.