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Book: If I retire, how will I know when it's the weekend?


Retirement is about more than just money. Health, relationships, social support, priorities and goals are just as vital to a successful retirement.

This retirement guide offers an in-depth and practical approach to saving, living and receiving income in retirement. Kathleen L. Wronski, with her decades of experience as a financial planner, portfolio manager and retirement specialist distills these experiences into a holistic guide to retirement. Through the use of thoughtful commentary, real-life stories and retirement strategies, Kathleen helps answer the age old question – “Will I have enough to retire?”

Updated and Revised Content:

  • New CPP and OAS Benefits.
  • New U.S. rules for U.S. citizens living in Canada and new rules for Canadian snowbirds.
  • Tax and estate information
  • New RRIF and TFSA payouts and contributions.

Kathleen L. Wronski is a Director of Wealth Management at Richardson Wealth, a leading edge, independent wealth management firm. Throughout Kathleen’s extensive financial career she has led many down the path of a successful retirement– she would like to pass on her best strategies for a prosperous retirement.