Employee stock options

Twenty-five years ago, Margaret Schvarcz was approached by an executive at a mining company who had millions of dollars in stock options he wanted to exercise. With less than a week to delve into a process that would typically take six weeks and require him to put up collateral for short-term financing from his bank, Margaret devised a process to seamlessly exercise the options without needing financing, turning the wealth the client had built in the company into a private legacy. 

It was a pivotal moment in her career, one that inspired her to develop and launch an innovative service to facilitate the cashless exercise of stock options for employees at public companies, while making it smoother for the corporation themselves. 

Margaret and her team at Schvarcz Wealth Management have since refined it, leveraging technology to help thousands of international employees, executives and corporations navigate the often slow and demanding process of exercising stock options in an efficient way. Using this method, there is no need to put up cash or enter into a loan agreement with a financial institution. Instead, you simply confirm your stock option ownership and deliver the securities to Richardson Wealth by the settlement date. Schvarcz Wealth Management manages the rest. 

Margaret and her team can help you navigate every facet of any scenario, from compliance straight through to the tax complexities that may come with options like Restricted Stock Units (RSUs).

No matter the challenge, Schvarcz Wealth Management will find a simple solution that keeps your wealth intact and helps your legacy grow.